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Oral Histories

The WPHM Collections include 150 oral histories from a variety of community members.

Interview Samples

Robert E. Langford
The Langford Resort Hotel

Hugh McKean
Rollins President (1951-1969)

John Tiedtke
Bach Festival President (1954-2003)

Complete List of Interviews

All oral histories are archived on audio CDs with written transcripts, and are available for research.
To request access to a specific interview, please contact the museum office.

Check out our Oral History Podcast A Stroll Down Park Avenue here

Bill Adams

Joseph Adams

Jane Adriatico

E.G. Akin

Carol Anderson

Ross Anderson

Mark Andrews

Tille Moyers Anthony

R.C. Baker

Manyard Baldwin

Richard O. Baldwin

Salley Behre

Dr. Courtland Berry

Vivian Wyckoff Blessing

Cile Bradley

W. Taylor Briggs

Alice Britton

Carl Buchanan

Rose Bynum

Charles Chandler

Richard Charlton

Henry Chubb

George Clanton

Jeanette "Dickie" Colado

Bud Coleman

Cathy Coleman

Theodore S. Darrah

Barbara Davis

Lydia Dorsett

Jessie Drey

Geneva Drinkwater

Barbara Ames Dun

J.T. Ellis

Eleanor Yothers Fisher

J. Sherwood Foley

Helen Franklin

John G. "Jack" Franklin

Augustus Franklin

Billy Fuller

Helen Fuller

Helen & Russell Fuller

Sarah B. Galloway

Ernestine Galloway

Betsy Gardner Eckbert

Nina Gerhardt

Jane Glass

Nelson Glass

Edwin Granberry

Julian Granberry

Mrs. William Grant

Wilhemina "Billie" Greene

Joe Guernsey

Webber Haines

History of Hall House

Mary F. Harper

Gail Harris

Paul Harris

Doris Hightower

Dick Hill

Polly N. Hotard

Mrs. William Howison

Frank Hubbard

Dan Hunter

Jane Hurst

Ralph Jackson

Eula Jenkins

Dr. Eugene L. Jewett

Mildred Keezel

Christine Kilbourne

David Kilbourne

Barbara Parsons Kinney

Kenneth Kraft, Sr.

Chs "Bud" Kummer

Rolf Lamborn

Robert Langford, Jr.

Robert E. Langford

Everet Leedy

James A. Leedy

Dan LeFevre

Edith Tadd Little

Lawrence S. Lynch

Lawrence MacKey

Hugh F. McKean

Bob Miller

Janet Gary Miller

Margaret E. Moran

V.H. Musselwhite

Edith Neide

Fleetwood Delgado Peeples

Kelly Pflug

Joel Phillips

Fran Prince

Dr. C. David Prince

Richard Proctor

Mexcy Roberts Ray

Audrey Thompson Rickett

Connie Riggs

James Gamble Rogers

Stella Rose

Edith "Edie" Royal

Gertrude Hall Royal

Ann Saurman

Mrs. Jas. Arthur Sewell

Jean W. Shannon

Kitty Sloan

Dorothy Shepard Smith

Reah Marsh Smith

Margaret Smith

Art Stafford

Hope Strong, Jr.

Joyce Swain

Henry Swanson

W.J. Taylor

John Tiedtke

Gladys C. Trismen

Pearl Trovillon

Flora Twachtman

Tita Stone Van Dyck

Harold Anson Ward

Mrs. Earl G. Ward

Helen Watson

Joan Wavell

Dr. Spencer Way

Max Weisenberger

Mrs. Robert Whelan

Rose Mae Williams

Osborne "Rip" Wilson

Ed "Buster" Winn

Mrs. Ashley Woodward

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